Sim & Angie Define & Defy

Women Inspiring Innovative Successful Entrepreneurs

There is energy in community, there is strength in collaboration, there is power in finding your own tribe.  There is safety in numbers, and there is creativity in diversity. There is vitality in a collective consciousness and there are precious stories and priceless wisdom to be shared among generations. We can be baby boomers, Gen X or Millennials; regardless of the labels, what we have in common is a desire to succeed in business and to share our knowledge, insights and understanding with the ones who come after us.

Founded by Sim Sandhu and Angie Chik, WIISE Women’s Network was formed ad hoc to an increasing need to empower, galvanize and motivate populations of people who want to strive to achieve their dreams, follow their passions, and live life to its fullest.  

Sim and Angie are strong believers in taking action, working hard, and allowing the universe to take care of the rest.  Their mission has always been to impact the masses and to encourage, support and inspire individuals from all walks of life to pursue their dreams and passions.  

WIISE Women's Network is here to motivate ambitious and goal-oriented individuals to step out of their comfort zone to take action and to begin their journey towards finding and pursuing their true passion and happiness in life.  

We are here to inspire women to aspire to be the best they can be and to live their life and their dreams knowing that they are part of an innovative group of like-minded and ambitious individuals from all walks of life who are in support of such pursuits.

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